Expoziția industrială de la Arad (27.10.22)

Exhibitors are inviting you to attend the Industry Expo & B2B Meetings, which will be held in Arad on October 27, 2022.

Some of the new exhibitors at Industry Expo 2022 :
SYONEEX is a smart manufacturing platform for aggregating, consolidating, processing and distributing data in various areas and covering all industry specifics. With over 13 years of experience & knowledge of manufacturing processes, technological changes & industrial systems, we are dedicated to develop the best smart manufacturing platforms.
DEXION STORAGE SOLUTIONS – The Dexion company (from the Ancient Greek meaning ‘Right’) was originally founded by Demetrius Comino. Comino developed the ‘Dexion Slotted-Angle’ (1947), which introduced the world to adjustable storage and would go on to blaze the trail for Dexion’s purpose-built pallet racking and shelving systems. Today we are one of the world’s leading providers of warehouse logistics solutions.
SCHOELLER ALLIBERT is the European market leader of returnable industrial plastic packaging solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and tailor made RTP packaging solutions dedicated to industrial manufacturing, such as: Foldable Large Containers, Foldable Small Containers, Rigid Pallet Containers, Stackable and Stack/Nest handheld boxes, Pallets and Dollies. We focus not only on standard returnable packaging, but strive to foresee the trends of our main markets and invent new solutions to future needs in packaging.
PPI ADHESIVE PRODUCTS was established in Waterford, Ireland in 1970 and is a world-renowned manufacturer of an extensive range of precision converted technical adhesive tapes, die-cuts, and laminates for a wide range of industries and applications, most notably in the Electrical, Electronic, Automotive, Aerospace and Medical sectors, as well as a wide range of tapes for specialized industrial and high-tech applications. Utilizing our experience in the development and manufacture of adhesive tapes, we can offer our customers the competitive edge required in a progressive marketplace.
SKY COURIER makes urgent transportation for special shipments, by air and by road. We offer 24/7/365 services at different airports in Romania, Germany and Hungary and not only. Our 24/7 services: – Assistance in Eastern Europe countries to US, Mexico and Asia – Airfreight NFO and OBC on first available flight – Pick-ups and deliveries by direct drives – Customs formalities. Why to work with us: – excellent customer service support available for you 24/7 – 24/7 customs formalities at Budapest Airp, Otopeni Airp. and Frankfurt Airp. – experienced team in urgent transportation.
E.ON ROMÂNIA – Energy efficiency solutions for a sustainable business. E.ON has developed a portfolio of solutions that support the businesses of its partners in the long term, contributing to the optimization of energy costs and the reduction of the carbon footprint.
ADMASYS offers a wide range of 3D technologies on the Romanian market: 3D technologies, high quality 3D printers and accessories, scanners and metrology, software, supplies, materials and services. professional services – from professional consulting to customised services. 3D printing, scanning and modelling to training, service and support technical support.
BUNZL ROMÂNIA – By providing customers with a broad range of essential PPE, available from stock, they are able to focus on their core businesses, achieve purchasing efficiencies and savings and minimise their working capital requirements. Bunzl is a world leader in the distribution of: Personal Protective Equipment, Packaging and Hygiene supplies.
DECOMAR LOGISTIC is a commercial company established in 2010 and whose main object of activity is the quality control, sorting and retouching of auto components received from manufacturers in order to verify them according to the legal standards imposed by the end customer.
ELECTROLYTIC COATING – Located in the Transylvania region and only 35 km to the well connected city of Cluj-Napoca, Electrolytic Coating has established itself as one of the leading companies for surface treatment in Romania. We’re currently supplying high alloy Zn coating (ZnNi) on metal parts, on both technologies, rack and barrel.
PQ-PLAST – Top OEM´s cooperate with top suppliers. Gentner GmbH/Kammerstein/D, as a family company since 1966 has generated satisfied customers thanks to its constantly improving quality policy, trust brought long-term relationships. The company know-how creates high-quality technical plastic systems through our core competencies: development, toolshop, processing, finishing & assembly.
MDE CONVERTING is a company specialising in the conversion of adhesive tape reels, beginning with Jumbo reels, as we cover all stages of processing and we may end up to the most complicated form, as required by our partners.
WIZROM SOFTWARE is one of the most innovative business management software providers in Romania. Wizrom offers some of the most advanced planning and ERP software solutions to lead its customers to success.
NC-VISION was created as a revolutionary software toolbox for production and traceability, covering each process of a production environment from manufacturing execution, warehouse, track and trace, quality management and much more. Based on our approach, businesses from all industries mix and match just the modules needed for an affordable solution.

The list of participants is available at https://industryexpo.intradefairs.com/participants.

Leading companies in industrial manufacturing (OEMs, Tier 1, Suppliers and Sub-Suppliers) will attend the Industry Expo & B2B Meetings 2022.
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Both, physical (at the Expo location) and virtual (online) attending are available for the Expo, Presentations and B2B Meetings.
We recommend the B2B Meetings service, as this option gives you the opportunity to send invitations for meetings and to plan meetings with other participants using the Online Meetings Planner.
The meetings will be held at the Expo if both parties are at the Expo or by video conference (using Zoom or another application software of your choice) if one or both parties are attending virtually (online). During the period of planning online meetings, please verify each 2-3 days which companies have registered and send invitations for meetings to those who are interesting for your company.
After registration, we recommend you to use the Invite to Event online application, available in your account to invite industrial suppliers and buyers to the event.
As with all our events, the participation of buyers in Industry Expo & B2B Meetings is free of charge.

At this event you can meet industrial manufacturing professionals, buyers, suppliers and sub-suppliers interested in:
• Additive manufacturing, 3D printing
• Automation and Robotics
• Cleaning and filtering equipment
• Components assembling
• Compressed air and vacuum systems
• Digital Factory Systems
• Electronics – Electricity
• Energy
• Finishing, thermal and surface treatments
• Forge – Foundry
• Forming processes in sheet metal work
• Fasteners and springs
• Industrial machines and equipment
• Industry services
• Labeling and marking equipment
• Maintenance and repair products & services
• Materials and components – glass
• Materials and components – metal
• Materials and components – plastic, rubber, composites
• Materials and components – textile
• Materials and components – wood, cardboard, paper
• Materials and components – others
• Monitoring, inspection and control equipment
• Motion, Drive and Automation Systems
• Painting – Coating
• Packaging and logistics
• Plastics – Rubber – Composites Processing
• Research – Design – HR – Training – Consulting
• Screw – Cutting – Machining – Special Machines
• Semi-finished products in metal processing
• Supplies and consumables
• Tools – Molds – Models – Prototypes
• Trade press – Universities – Associations
• Warehousing and Transportation
• Waste disposal and recycling
• Welding
• Wire, cable, wire harnesses
Industry Expo & B2B Meetings is the leading B2B Industrial Trade Fair in Romania, organized with the purpose of development and improvement of business relations, dedicated to industrial manufacturing professionals, buyers, suppliers and sub-suppliers.
During Industry Expo & B2B Meetings we facilitate the presentation of products and new technological innovation, the access to information, the cooperation and the development of new partnerships.
The list of participants and other information about the event updated daily can be accessed at https://industryexpo.intradefairs.com.
We look forward to welcoming you at Industry Expo & B2B Meetings for more business cooperation.